Our FiGPiN AP Mystery Boxes are finally here! 14 Artist Proof FiGPiNs are now yours for grabs. These come with very high FiGPiN power points in the app!

We have 3 genres to pick from, Anime, Action, and Disney. Each box contains 3 FiGPiN’s, 2 Commons + 1 Limited Edition. The Limited Edition can be a FiGPiN Exclusive, Artist Proof, or Specialty Retailer Limited Edition.

We have carefully written out EXACTLY what is in each box so you can have full transparency as to what the odds are, for Anime & Action, Its a 1:16 chance of AP, and fir Disney It is 1:15.

Please note, Mystery boxes will NOT ship out until Monday the 28th, this is to keep the mystery alive, we don’t want people to post their pulls and ruin the surprise for others!

Please note: Not all AP FiGPiN’s come with the AP sticker, however this does not effect their FiGPiN power. The Majority of the AP’s we have received come with the sticker, however a few did not.

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